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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nintendogizmo, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    The server is down again... I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm almost always on the server, as I love it. I love the vanilla Minecraft (though I wouldn't mind a couple plugins) setting, and it's just overall fun, even though not many come online. But for the past couple of days it has been down for me. I really hope it doesn't stay down like it did, as that would suck with all the progress I made on my house, plus it makes people less likely to join and keep playing...

    To make a long story short, if you are there Syn, please give the server for someone else to run, or please run it again. I have tons of fun on the server, and I'm sure others do too. Please don't rob us of this fun.
  2. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    And yes, I am aware he has a life outside of this, I'm just hoping he can spare just a few seconds to turn the server on and keep it running.
  3. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    I've noticed it down for the past few days, too. I'm definitely having withdrawals.
  4. rhinorun1

    rhinorun1 Member

    We have had to move 3 times because of Christina4God, it's kinda fun avoiding him though, even though he's a dick.
  5. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    What do you mean move? Was the map deleted? Or do you mean a change of IP?
  6. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    Move building locations, probably.
  7. snooshix

    snooshix Guest

    The servers been down forever, for me. Can you all add me on steam, im "Snooshi". Also what other servers do you all play on, please tell me the I.P.

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